Monday, 10 August 2015

♫♪ Acid In Your Pocket ♫♪

There are times when life doesn't turn out the way we envisioned it and, it is at these times, that our body responds in a way to match our grief, anger and frustration. We create an 'acid pocket'. To try and give you an idea how this works, lets look at when we wear a pair of tight shoes that give us a blister on our heel. The blister 'puffs up' and fills with a fluid to help us repair the damage we have done.
The same is true when we are going through grief and anger, but it works a little differently. We may develop warts, mouth ulcers, cracks in our tongues, swollen bellies, or our tears may burn like acid as they course down our cheeks. Although this isn't a similar healing fluid that we may find in burns and blisters, it does have it's own purpose. It reminds us that we aren't feeling/looking/tasting the sweetness in life.
If we address what is happening around us, and our reaction to it, we discover that these little 'acid pockets' dissipate, and life goes back to 'normal'. However, if we refuse to acknowledge our pain, hurt, frustration and sadness, the pocket can become bigger or affect us in more ways. Our body is designed to heal itself on a physical level, but on an emotional level, it needs us to meet it halfway.
It has been said that our pH level is extremely important; that as far as cancer is concerned an acidic environment allows it to flourish. It has also been said that our emotions are an important aspect of a cancer journey. Most cancer locations alert us to what emotion/area of our life needs addressing. Now of course there are people who will pooh-pooh this theory, because that is what it is. However, I often see the connection between site and hurt in my healing work, and to me this makes total sense.
Part of our problem is that we believe that when things 'go wrong' that we have lost control over our life, thanks to an event or situation that has had an impact on us, when really we never had the control to begin with. Life isn't controlled by us, neither does it control us. Life happens around us, and what we choose to do with it is the driving force between an event and what happens next. Sometimes we need to look at our re-action and understand what is happening within that is being triggered by it.
So, if  you are tasting acid, if you are crying acid, if there is an acid pocket in your life, perhaps it is time to look at it a little differently and understand yourself, your emotions and your body a little more to assist in the healing process.